Internet Cookies

What do you know about Internet cookies? Did you know that Cookies (and not the eating kind) are all over our hard drives?

Here at Zeelous we can help you understand more.

cookies blog pic

We at Zeelous find Internet Cookies particularly interesting, especially how it all works. An Internet Cookie is a piece of text that can be stored on a user’s hard disk. These Cookies allow a Web site to store data on a user’s PC and later recover it. The pieces of data are stored as name-value pairs, which is a named piece of data. It is not a program, and it cannot “do” anything. A Web site can retrieve only the data that it has sited on your machine. It cannot retrieve data from other Cookie files, or any other data from your machine. Isn’t this fascinating?!

Simply, when a URL of a Web site is typed into your browser, your browser sends a request to the Web site for the page. For example, if you type a URL into your browser, your browser will contact the server and request its home page. When the browser does this, it will look on your machine for a Cookie file that the server has set. If it finds that Cookie file, your browser will send all of the name-value pairs in the file to the server along with the URL. If it finds no Cookie file, it will send no Cookie data. The Web server then receives the Cookie data and the request for a page. If name-value pairs are received, the server can use them.

However, if no name-value pairs are received, the server knows that you have not visited before. The server creates a new ID for you in the servers’ database and then sends name-value pairs to your machine in the header for the Web page it sends. Your machine then stores the name-value pairs on your hard disk. All very clever!

Cookies may seem like they are a corrupt thing, they could appear as an invasion of privacy BUT in ways they are useful and time saving, especially if you consider the time spent on Internet searching! So WE at Zeelous believe them to be positive!


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