Let’s play critic for the day…

I think we have stayed quiet long enough, but we finally have to let you all know how we feel about the Lenor ‘clean sheet week’ advert which is STILL on our screens…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS7tkMREjUk … incase you have not yet seen it.

The worst 2 moments of the video are at 00:15 seconds when the lady looks as though she says “really” however the words we hear are “days ago?”, and again at 00:19 seconds when the man is lay on the bed and we hear “Lenor?” but we actually have no idea what his lips are really saying…but it definitely is not Lenor!


Companies pay advertisers thousands, maybe even millions to create TV advertisements for them, and with the amazingly talented people we have in the advertising field and the amount of technology and technological whizzes out there who can put things together, why are we still stuck watching the appalling lip dub advert from Lenor? If we are getting to the stage in technology and animation where we can create people and animals on screen which do not exist and make them look life-like, then why can we not have adverts where the actors’ words match their lips? Surely it’s not too much to ask…

Although some parts of the advert are well put together we feel as though there is no excuse for there to be any moments where we are left thinking “they clearly did not say that”! Why are we still putting up with poor quality adverts in this day and age? We think that Lenor really need to step it up.

What do you think of this advert? Do poor quality adverts annoy you, if so, which ones?
Tell Zeelous….


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