Female graduates shorthanded by 28% at the start of their career, just because they aren’t male.


Times have changed over the past few centuries. Women are no longer constrained to housework and cooking meals for their husbands who are labouring all day. So why is there still inequality in the workplace?

A study from the University of Warwick’s Institute for Employment (and commissioned by the Higher Education Careers Service), called Futuretrack, analysed the salaries of more than 17,000 recent graduates in full-time work and found that a substantial gap persists between males and females earnings.

Despite the fact that The Equal Pay Act made it illegal to pay women a lesser wage than men in 1970, graduated females are still to this day being financially suppressed on the basis of their anatomy.
For example, a female law graduate can expect to earn 28% less than a male at the start of her career. See the full article here… (http://careers.guardian.co.uk/careers-blog/graduate-gender-pay-gap-university-subject)

As you can tell from our blog, Zeelous is tied together by 6 female Advertising students, all as ambitious and hardworking as one another, and striving for a successful career in the industry.
We needed just as many UCAS points as males to get a place to study this degree, we submit equal amounts of work, feel the same stress/pressure and all use as much creativity, energy and effort – which is what will drive us into our dream careers. How is it, after all our hard work, that a male colleague will earn an average of £8,000 a year more than us?

The ladies of Zeelous have turned into a flock of fire-breathing dragons after learning of such a covertly sexist workplace! We wonder if there will ever be a day were hardworking women don’t have to fight/protest to be seen as equal to our male counterparts?

This might be a man’s world gentlemen – but don’t forget – it would be nothing without a woman or a girl 😉

Are you frustrated too? Tell Zeelous all about it…


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