How should you deal with social media hacking?

McDonalds Twitter

Burger King, the chain of fast food restaurants where recently hacked. The hackers took no time to re-brand the companies twitter feed to their rival McDonald’s logo. The followers of the fast food restaurant where treated to over an hour of videos and photos of dirty kitchens and offers from McDonald’s. The hacker also re-tweeted complaints from the public about their food and service.

So, who’s fault is it? The obvious answer would be the hacker, however we need to question the security of the twitter website. If it is that easy to take over a high profile for over an hour, twitter really needs to wise up if they want more well established businesses and celebrities to join the trend.  Burger King itself also will need to be more carful with whom they trust with their social media site, and the login details. A lack of management and monitoring enabled the hackers to tweet whatever the wanted for over an hour!  If Burger King want to be part of the social media hype they really need to manage their accounts better. Un-noticed for over an hour, by the time they had communicated the problem twitter there social media feed had already been ruined. Leaving it for such a long length of time could cost the companies brand reputation, big time.

Another bizarre thing, is that Burger King made a public apology – but on Facebook. Why on Facebook? Surely, it was their Twitter fans that they upset, why would they then make an apology on another social media site. How can they guarantee all their Twitter followers will be on Facebook too?

So what should companies do to ensure the safety of their public content?

1 – Be very careful who you give your login details to. Is this a reliable, trustworthy  employee?

2 – Ensure that your social media platforms are monitored and managed properly. It took Burger King over 1 hour to realize and report the problem. How much damage can one person do in 1 hour?

3 – If you are unfortunate enough to get hacked, apologize on the content that was hacked. Just a quick message to say we’ve been hacked! Service continues as normal – sorry to those who where offended! Its not that hard…is it?

Tell us what you think. Have you ever been hacked? What was the outcome? Any more advice? LET US KNOW!


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