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In today’s thoroughly ‘data-centred’ lifestyle it is unusual to encounter an individual who does not have an online presence; whether that is through Facebook, Twitter or any of the other numerous forms of social media, cyber culture is evidently radically changing the way we live our lives.

However, what we at Zeelous find incomprehensible is that there are still many businesses in the UK and worldwide that do not use social media to further their reach and consolidate marketing efforts through other mediums. We believe that the utilisation of social media provides benefits for any business that are vital for success.
According to digital analytics source Comscore, 62% of adults worldwide are now using social media with the UK having the highest percentage of people online (85% = 53 million). Meaning the chance to increase sales and brand awareness is higher than ever, can your business afford to pass up on those statistics?
Social media use for business is a positive step in the right direction but we have compiled a few Do’s and Don’ts for first time users…


  • Plan out what you’re going to do/say before doing so

Although you may have just had a fantastic idea for a post or a link, running it through a draft system before it going live is always a good method of delivery. This minimises mistakes and concentrates the relevant content.

  • Emulate other brands and corporate pages you’d like to be thought of along with

By this, we at Zeelous mean in terms of structure, layout and to generate inspiration; be careful not to T.W.O.C (take without consent) – especially with copy and content.

  • Be consistent and engaging

Abandoning your social media output for even a short space of time can have disastrous results to any progress made. If you have a blog, great! But remember to post regularly, to update users on what’s going on. Same rules apply to Twitter, users don’t want an empty Twitter feed – they follow you for a reason!


  • Sell on social media sites or be ‘pushy’ with users

Social media is excellent for reaching new customers and building brand awareness but DIRECT USERS TO YOUR WEBSITE if you want to generate sales leads. Nobody wants to be directly sold to, otherwise it would be called SALES MEDIA!

  • Rely on just one platform

The beauty of social media is that there are mediums for every aspect of digital media. Try not to rely on just the big fishes of Twitter and Facebook. Get out there and explore the possibilities.

 Our main tip that we can give at  is to have fun with your social media output whilst remaining PROFESSIONAL! We all know what happened with the Waitrose fiasco of September 2012. Here are a few more social media fails courtesy of our friends at Econsultancy: