Our Favourite Ads, at the moment!

After much deliberation, raised voices and opinionated discussions, we have compiled Zeelous’ Top 5 Ads at the moment! Some that have inspired, shocked, humoured and maybe even angered us!
However all cleverly innovative and memorable in their own rights, some more successful than others and some just simply Advertising Gold!

Three : DancePonyDance
Split decisions throughout the team about the latest viral boom, however EVERY BODY knows about the little dancing pony for Three’s new campaign! You can even create your own version of it via a web-based app – with different choices of music, personal messages etc so you can share yours with your friends!

Aldi : Like Brands only cheaper
We are loving the Aldi ads! Absolute genius way of getting such a simple message across to its audience. Aldi have most definitely grew as a brand due to these ads  – plus they are hilarious!
Here’s the latest one, where a woman is comparing champagne, alongside the fact that she’s not too keen on her husband! *Giggles*

Carlsberg : Spartacus
Have you ever heard stories of how people are fired from their jobs because they are a little sloppy when talking about their boss on their social feeds? Well here’s a little twist on it from Carlsberg! And because the foundations of Zeelous is all about teamwork, we thought Spartacus was a little naughty but also courageous too! It’s nice to know your colleagues are behind you!

Young Enterprise : #SaveALostGeneration
Inspiring us to be as successful as possible is the new collection of advertisements from Young Enterprise. These print ads show statistics of youth unemployment and the worries surrounding our generation. Simple images with strong messages!

Department of Health : Anti-Smoking
The latest anti-smoking campaign from the DoH is hard-hitting imagery and shows the effects of smoking on the human body. It got a lot of people talking about it and shocked a lot of us as viewers! We think it’s really effective how showing a tumour growing from a cigarette makes the harms of smoking a lot more personalised than just stating facts on a screen.

What do you think about these advertisements? Do you have any other favourites? Let us know 🙂