Email Marketing, Is It Really Worth It?

Is Email really an effective way of marketing? Every single morning I wake up to approximately 15 unread emails all from companies who are trying to sell me something, but the question is does it really work? For us, NO! 

I would argue that email marketing is an outdated way to reach your consumers as every single company is doing it. There is nothing special or outstanding about sending a customer an email, how can you guarantee that the consumer you are trying to reach is going to open the email and act upon it? Thats the thing, you can’t. Image

However, although I think email is outdated it still has its perks. Here are a list of ‘good’ things that email marketing can provide (taken from eMarketing eXcellence, Dave Chaffey, PR Smith):

1 – Relatively low cost, email is substantially less than direct marketing. 


2 – Direct response medium encourages action. Email marketing encourages click through to a website, where the offer can be redeemed immediately. This increases the likelihood of an immediate, impulsive response. 


3 – Faster campaign development. Lead times for producing creative and the whole campaign life cycle tends to be shortened than traditional media. 


4 – Ease of personalization. It is easier to personalize an email than a real physical ‘snail’ mail. 


5 – Options for testing. It is relatively easy and cost effective to test different email creative and messaging. 


6 – Integration.  Through combining email marketing with other direct media which can be personalized such as direct mail, mobile messaging or web personalization, campaign response cab be increased as the message is reinforced by different media. 


Taking on all these points what do you think about email marketing? Do you just delete your incoming promotional emails? What do you expect a company to do to grab your attention? Let us know your thoughts!