Google Glasses

Who would have thought that you could be on the move and receive your mail, weather info, messages, all without lifting a finger?

Here at Zeelous we couldn’t help but notice the new Google Glasses and we love them!! Google’s augmented reality glasses, display smartphone features right in front of your eyes allowing users to interact via voice control. These could be yours in 2014! This has not only introduced a new idea but will encourage others to get up to speed and consider wearable headsets. We can’t wait to see what else appears on the market!
The prototype displays functionality and minimalist features that are tasteful, discrete and perfect for anyone on the go. Allowing you to take pictures, view maps and use all other features of a smartphone, the Google Glass are definitely cool enough to be able to overcome the ‘dork factor’ of a wearable headset.

One of Zeelous’ must watch out for items for the coming future!

Tell us what you think…would YOU wear them?