Apple’s iAd’s

Have you encountered an iAd yet?

Do you even know what an iAd is?

Let Zeelous clear that up for you straight away! Apple have created an innovative way to advertise new products by making adverts in which we can interact with! You can find these iAd’s on an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – as you can probably guess, Apple only let people see them by using their own products. Brands such as BMW, Nissan, Maybelline and even Evian have created iAd’s to let people interact with their products.

One particular iAd which we find very clever is the one created for the “BMW i”. The iAd allows you to see how the BMW i is created then check out the full exterior and interior of the car once it’s built. When looking at the inside of the car, you can use your iPad as though it’s a camera lens look around the car in every angle, wherever you face the iPad is the area of the car which you see.

2011 BMW i iAd campaign.

See for yourself!!
Somehow we can’t see iAd’s being the new main form of advertising as it takes far too long to see all the features in each one! However, we are enjoying playing with them whilst we’ve nothing better to do, maybe make them less time consuming in the future please, Apple!