The Power of Viral Marketing

I’m sure your all aware of the term ‘viral marketing’ by now and the girls at Zeelous are very proud to have made a video that has become viral. With this in mind, we feel it is appropriate to do a little piece on the power of viral videos and how they reach success in such a small space of time.
For those who don’t know, it is the concept of encouraging word-of-mouth referrals online and as a result, it is indisputably one of the most effective mediums of on-going self-promotion a company can employ. Viral marketing is a clever way of promoting your website as you are effectively getting your audience to do all the work for you, but for this to be successful you will need a fantastic idea and a brilliant strategy to get people aware of it.
Rather than explaining viral marketing, we feel that a perfect way of showing the success of viral video’s is to give a very current and hugely successful example, YG Entertainment’s Gangnam Style.

Step 1 – the set up stage.
YG Entertainment had spent a significant amount of time, before the song came along, setting up an office in America and exploring partnerships with artists such as Will.i.Am. At this point they were preparing their audience and connections for the right song to arise.
Step 2 – the content
Now that they had prepared the platforms and audience they were ready to really gain exposure when the time was right. Their focus was now to make the content something special.
The song was eye catching; the bright flashy colours being hugely attractive for kids. Crucially, language was not a barrier, instead comprehensible lyrics were replaced by a ‘catchy lyrics and a punchy chorus.’
Step 3 – coverage
On day one, the YouTube video had received over 500,000 views and by the slow and decline they finally reached a whopping 1 billion views. This was due to tweeting by celebrities and online articles by Gizmodo and Gawker, but was mostly down to the way the campaign was cleverly and strategically planned to get everyone watching the video.

From this example we see something really special arise in such a small space of time and it clearly demonstrates the power of viral marketing. We love seeing new viral videos arise, such as the Harlem Shake and how they manage to get everyone in on the hype from something so simple, but we know at Zeelous that behind the scenes, it’s more than just a video.

Let us know what videos you like!!