Who’s Nearby?

In the ‘Newsroom’ on Facebook’s blog we have found out the new app they are working on where the ‘Nearby’ app will allow people to find out what is near to you. You are able to pick something in a category (the example which Facebook give is restaurants) and find a list of all in that category which are near to you.


Although, at Zeelous, we do like the idea of this if you are unfamiliar with an area, however, we are wondering where it will lead in the future? You can click on any business/shop and find out who has been here recently and even find who is near you at the time. Are we leading towards a society where we know where all our friends are (and non-friends) all the time? Can we never do anything in private? Do we even want to know where everyone is?

Tell Zeelous what you think…