Unboxing – what is it?

Why not take the time to explain the concept behind our new university project, you might know our new project as the Kinder Cow.

If you haven’t seen it I suggest you look now….   

For all of you wanting a definition “Unboxing is the unpacking of new products, especially high tech consumer products. The product’s owner captures the process on video and later uploads it to the web. The term has been labelled a new form of “geek porn.””

Basically a person will buy a product and film themselves with it, they usually show the packaging, explain what it is then they’ll literally unbox or unwrap a product and show the camera what’s inside then explains what it does. You can find unboxing on YouTube, people unbox things from Apple Products to clothing deliveries (yes, people actually will pull their order out of a bag and show you what they have bought).

Just to explain what we have done and how we’ve done…

We “unboxed” a kinder egg, unwrapping the egg and showing the toy you find inside, rather than making it boring and talking you through the opening of an egg we tried to make it fun by having a flying cow lay the egg then the toy hatch out! At this precise moment in time YouTube says we have 22,728 views and it’s only been online for 4 days!

We’re taking this time to say a massive thank you to Lord Alan Sugar for supporting our project and retweeting it, it’s helped us massively!

Now go and see what unboxing videos are out there, enjoy!